DC-8-63 Iberia 1:200

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The latest version of this aircraft type is the Dash 8 Q400 with space for 78 passengers and refined, yet quieter engines. The roll-out ceremony was held on 21 November 1997, followed by the first flight on 31 January 1998. Certification and first deliveries were in the summer of the following year. The DHC-8 Dash 8 400 Series 400 features unlike her siblings on EFIS and a modern avionics. From the third quarter of 2009, the Q400 NextGen should be delivered as a variant. It has a modernized interior, including LED lighting and larger storage compartments. Longer maintenance intervals have been promised. Last investigated Bombardier under the project name Q400X a further extension of the Q400, so as to accommodate three additional rows of seats. However, it has not yet decided on a program start. As Q400F Dash 8Q-400 converted to freighters are designated with 9-ton payload. The first machine was upgraded by the Canadian company Cascade Aerospace in Vancouver and has since the beginning of 2009 with the Swedish airline Nord-Flyg in service. In August 2011, the first two Q400 were handed over to VIP seating Field of Aviation at Avitrade Belgium. The number of seats varies from 28 to 40.