C-17A NATO 1:200

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Available:         March 2015

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Landing-Gear:    included

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A brand new high quality aircraft model in scale 1: 200 of a C-17A NATO. Hogan Wings Aircraft models are characterized by their excellent workmanship and not least an excellent price-performance ratio.

The Boeing C-17A NATO is a multifunctional four-engine military transport aircraft for large loads or forces from American production. It was developed by McDonnell Douglas and since its takeover produced and distributed here by Boeing. The C-17 has been used since 1993 by the United States Air Force since 2001 by the Royal Air Force of Great Britain since 2006 by the Royal Australian Air Force and since 2007 the Air Command of the Canadian Forces. The C-17 is on the Douglas C-74 and the Douglas C-124, the third type is dubbed Globemaster in the USAF.