Boeing 777-300ER Air France Scale 1:500

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Landing-Gear:    included

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A high-quality 1:500 scale model aircraft of a Boeing 777-300ER Air France. Removable stand and  landing gears are also included. Hogan Wings aircraft models are distinguished by their excellent workmanship and not least an excellent price performance ratio. The Boeing 777-300ER Air France ” Skyteam ” is a twin-engine wide-body long -range aircraft from Boeing for 300 to 550 passengers. The model is the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world and is also suitable for intercontinental routes . The first prototype made ​​its first flight in February 2003 , the second prototype first flew in April of 2003. The first 777-300ER was taken by Air France in operation in April 2004 . By October 2014 758 copies were ordered at least 35 airlines and 522 delivered each variant of the Boeing 777 differ significantly in length and range