Airbus A340-300 Air France Scale 1:500

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Available:            December 2014

Registration:      F-GLZJ

Landing-Gear:    included

Landing-Stand:   included


A high-quality 1:500 scale model aircraft of a Airbus A340-300 Air France. Removable stand and  landing gears are also included. Hogan Wings aircraft models are distinguished by their excellent workmanship and not least an excellent price performance ratio.

The A340-300 is the basic version of the family and can carry 295 passengers in a three-class configuration over a distance of 12,400 km . As a first A340 -300 had taken its first flight on 25 October 1991 and in March 1993 and in the air service . It should actually be used by IAE specially developed for the 300 version engines . The company presented the work on this model and so a four CFMI CFM56-5C- were used . This led over the original design to a higher consumption , while at the same time reduced the range and travel speed .