Airbus A330-300 Iberia new livery 1:200

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Available: September 2015

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Landing-Gear: included

Landing-Stand: included


A high-quality scale 1:200 model of an Airbus A330-300 Iberia with new livery. Removable stand and removable landing gear are also included. Hogan Wings aircraft models are distinguished by their excellent workmanship and not least an excellent price performance ratio.

The wide-body twin A330 connects the lowest in some areas operating costs of any aircraft ever built with maximum versatility for a wide range of route networks. The A330 is efficient engine technology and modern design with low cost by low fuel consumption and computerized maintenance Because of the low noise emissions connect is also called whispering giant A330. Also noteworthy is the sales success of this type, in July 2013, the 1000 mark was reached.
Thai Airways is one of the most successful airlines in Asia has 27 A330-300 with a maximum seating for 305 passengers. The machines on routes in the Asia / Pacific region are used.